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Koi For Dummies (English Edition) PDF Books

Koi For Dummies (English Edition)

Known throughout the world for its beauty and personality, koi is one of the most carefully bred fish species around. Raising koi is especially time-consuming and requires more than just sprinkling little flakes in the fish bowl. But thankfully, you don’t have to be an expert to maintain your own koi pond.

Koi For Dummies shows you how easy and fun it can be to own and care for these delicate fish. Whether building a pond or aquarium for the indoors or outdoors, this easy-to-understand guide explores all of your options. Clear, concise advice helps you:

  • Appreciate your koi’s beauty
  • Build, design, and maintain your koi pond or aquarium
  • Find and select koi and the proper supplies
  • Keep your koi happy and healthy
  • Treat your koi for parasites, bacterial infections, and viruses
  • Breed and care for baby koi
  • Show off your koi to other koi enthusiasts

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Vocabulaire analogique de la langue corse PDF Books

Vocabulaire analogique de la langue corse

Vocabulaire analogique de la langue corse De Jean Costa

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Understanding Me: Lectures and Interviews (English Edition) PDF Books

Understanding Me: Lectures and Interviews (English Edition)

Unbuttoned McLuhan! An intimate exploration of Marshall McLuhan’s ideas in his own words

In the last twenty years of his life, Marshall McLuhan published – often in collaboration with others – a series of books that established his reputation as the pre-eminent seer of the modern age. It was McLuhan who made the distinction between “hot” and “cool” media. It was he who observed that “the medium is the message” and who tossed off dozens of other equally memorable phrases from “the global village” and “pattern recognition” to “feedback” and “iconic” imagery.

McLuhan was far more than a pithy-phrase maker, however. He foresaw – at a time when the personal computer was a teckie fantasy – that the world would be brought together by the internet. He foresaw the transformations that would be wrought by digital technology. He understood, before any of his contemporaries, the consequences of the revolution that television and the computer were bringing about. In many ways, we’re still catching up to him.

In Understanding Me, Stephanie McLuhan and David Staines have brought together eighteen previously unpublished lectures and interviews by or involving Marshall McLuhan. They have in common the informality and accessibility of the spoken word. In every case, the text is the transcript taken down from the film, audio, or video tape of the actual encounters – this is not what McLuhan wrote but what he said. The result is a revelation: the seer who often is thought of as aloof and obscure is shown to be funny, spontaneous, and easily understood.

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Engineering Infinity (The Infinity Project Book 1) (English Edition) PDF Books

Engineering Infinity (The Infinity Project Book 1) (English Edition)

The universe shifts and changes: suddenly you understand, you get it, and are filled with wonder. That moment of understanding drives the greatest science-fiction stories and lies at the heart of Engineering Infinity. Whether it’s coming up hard against the speed of light – and, with it, the enormity of the universe – realising that terraforming a distant world is harder and more dangerous than you’d ever thought, or simply realizing that a hitchhiker on a starship consumes fuel and oxygen with tragic results, it’s hard science-fiction where a sense of discovery is
most often found and where science-fiction’s true heart lies.
This exciting and innovative science-fiction anthology collects together stories by some of the biggest names in the field, including Gwyneth Jones, Stephen Baxter and Charles Stross.

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So Send I You: A Burning Passion To Share The Cross (English Edition) PDF Books

So Send I You: A Burning Passion To Share The Cross (English Edition)

This is a complete handbook for soul winning. It will motivate you to share the wonderful gospel of Jesus. The author gives examples and illustrations, as well as provides a step by step method to easily present Christ to others. Previously published as "Unashamed," but the title did not convey the full purpose of the book so it has been very lightly revised and re-published under a new name. Author McElveen lives what he writes about and preaches and his ideas work. He has won thousands of souls to the Lord. He gives you deep insight into his methods and passion for Christ. If you want to be a consistent soul winner as Christ asks all of us to be, and in all kinds of situations, this book is a must read. It is also a great handbook for soul winning classes.

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Position Pieces for Cello (English Edition) PDF Books

Position Pieces for Cello (English Edition)

Position Pieces for Cello is designed to give students a logical and fun way to learn their way around the fingerboard. Each hand position is introduced with exercises called "Target Practice," "Geography Quiz," and "Names and Numbers." Following these exercises are tuneful cello duets which have been specifically composed to require students to play in that hand position. In this way, students gain a thorough knowledge of how to find the hand positions, and once there, which notes are possible to play. Using these pieces (with names like "I Was a Teenage Monster," "The Irish Tenor," and "I've Got the Blues, Baby"), position study on the cello has never been so much fun!

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